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Common mistakes of using chainsaws and solution suggested

  1. If the chain saw is refueling and stalls, it is not so energetic at work, and the heating machine is overheated.

It is usually a filter problem. Therefore, the filter should be inspected before work. A clean and qualified filter should be pierced and bright for observation under the sunlight, otherwise it is unqualified. When the filter of the chain saw is not clean enough, it should be washed with hot soapy water and dried. Only a clean filter can ensure the normal use of the chain saw.

  1. When the teeth of the chain saw become not sharp

A special file can be used to rest the teeth of the saw tooth chain to ensure the sharpness of the saw teeth. At this time, it should be noted that when using a file to frustrate, you must frustrate in the direction of the cutting tooth, not the other way around. At the same time, the angle between the file and the chain of the chain saw should not be too large, preferably 30 degrees.

  1. Before using the chain saw, you should add the chain oil of the chain saw. The advantage of this is that it can provide lubrication for the chain saw, reduce the friction heat between the chain saw chain and the chain saw guide plate, and protect the guide plate. It can also protect the chain saw chain to avoid premature scrapping.
  2. After the chain saw is used, the chain saw should also be maintained, so that the working efficiency can be guaranteed when the chain saw is used next time. The first is to remove the impurities in the oil inlet hole and the guide plate groove at the root of the chain saw guide plate to ensure the smoothness of the oil inlet hole. Secondly, clear the sundries in the guide plate head and add a few drops of engine oil.
  3. The chain saw cannot be started

Check whether there is water in the fuel or use unqualified mixed fuel, just replace with a suitable fuel.

Check if there is water in the engine cylinder. Solution: Remove and dry the spark plug and then pull the starter again.

Check the spark intensity, and the solution: replace with a new spark plug or adjust the motor ignition gap.

  1. Insufficient power of chain saw

Check whether there is water in the fuel or use unqualified mixed fuel, just replace with a suitable fuel.

Check whether the air filter and fuel filter are blocked, and then clear them.

Check whether the carburetor is improperly adjusted. Solution: Re-adjust the carburetor of the chain saw.

7, the chain saw does not produce oil

Check if there is oil of quality that does not meet the specifications, just change the oil.

Check whether the oil passage and orifice are blocked, and then clear it.

Check whether the oil filter head in the oil tank is placed properly. Excessive bending of the oil pipe causes the oil path to be blocked or the oil filter head is blocked. Solution: Place as required to ensure normal oil absorption.

Precautions for the use of chain saws

  1. Frequently check the tension of the saw chain

When checking and adjusting, please turn off the engine and wear protective gloves. If the tension is appropriate, you can pull the chain by hand when the chain is hung on the lower part of the guide plate.

  1. There must always be a little oil splashing on the chain

You must check the lubrication of the saw chain and the oil level of the lubricating oil tank before work. The chain must not work without lubrication. If you work with a dry chain, the cutting device will be damaged.

  1. Never use old engine oil

Old engine oil cannot meet the lubrication requirements and is not suitable for chain lubrication.

  1. If the oil level in the oil tank does not decrease, it may be that the lubrication delivery has failed.

The chain lubrication should be checked, and the oil circuit should be checked. Passing through the contaminated filter screen can also lead to poor lubricating oil supply. Clean or replace the lubricating oil filter in the pipeline connecting the fuel tank and the pump.

  1. After replacing and installing a new chain, the saw chain needs 2 to 3 minutes of running-in time

Check the chain tension after running-in. If necessary, readjust it. The new chain needs to be tightened more often than the chain that has been used for a period of time. The saw chain must be close to the lower part of the guide plate when it is cold. The hand can move the saw chain on the upper guide plate, and if necessary, tension the chain again. When the operating temperature is reached, the saw chain swells and sags slightly, and the transmission link at the lower part of the guide plate cannot be released from the chain groove, otherwise the chain will jump and the chain needs to be re-tightened.

  1. The chain must be loosedafter work

The chain will shrink as it cools, and a chain that is not loose will damage the crankshaft and bearings. If the chain is tightened in the working state, the chain will shrink when it cools, and the chain will be too tight to damage the crankshaft and bearings.

The above is an introduction to the common faults, troubleshooting methods and precautions for use of chain saws. I hope to help you.

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