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What need to notice when buying a chainsaw? How to choose a suitable chain saw?

To buy a chain saw suitable for your own use, first of all, we have to understand the type of saw and the brand and specifications of the chain saw.

  1. Gasoline saw: strong maneuverability, suitable for mobile work in the field. However, it is noisy, troublesome in maintenance, and generates more heat.
  2. Electric chain saw: stable power, quick start, heavier than other saws. But if the line is too long, it will be inconvenient to move.
  3. Pneumatic chain saw: safe and pollution-free, low noise and light weight. However, an air compressor must be attached, which increases the floor area and is restricted by conditions.
  4. Hydraulic chain saw: It has enough power, but it starts slowly and works smoothly. The hydraulic pump station has a smaller volume than an air compressor and a higher cost.

Then we have to consider our working environment and requirements.

Low cost and low requirements are of course a hand-made saw, or even a hatchet or axe, but if the workload is heavy and heavy, then it is best to buy one. Powered saw. Now, the commonly used electric chainsaws and chainsaws are nothing more than electricity. Let’s take a look at the differences between them. First of all, the electric chain saw must be in a place with electricity, so the most obvious difference between it and the chain saw lies in the area of use, and the chain saw can be easily carried to the field. Secondly, because of the motor, the power of the electric chain saw is smaller than that of the chain saw. It is generally used to cut wood or wood with a smaller diameter. The chain saw burns gasoline and has a larger power. For example, a large 81 saw can cut up to a diameter. For a one-meter tree, this is the second difference in terms of power. Finally, in terms of the cost of use, due to the difference between gasoline and electricity and even the price of the machine itself, the cost of using an electric chain saw is generally lower than that of a chain saw.

When you understand the different types of uses of saws and you are sure to buy a chain saw, then you can start thinking about chain saws.

The common types of chainsaws

From the cylinder diameter, the chain saw is mainly divided into 38mm, 43mm, 45mm, 47mm, 50mm, 52mm, 58mm, etc.; the models are: 3800, 4500, 5200, 5800, 6200, 381, 070 and so on. In fact, to put it simply, we can distinguish their power and usage according to the size of the cylinder diameter. 3800 is generally used for repairing small branches, while those with a cylinder diameter of 50mm or more are generally used for cutting trees with a diameter of 40cm or more. And 4500, 5200, 5800 these medium-sized chainsaws in between can be used occasionally to cut large or small trees, and will not affect the convenience of use because of the span, and the power size is also It directly affects the cost of use, so the most sold models on the market are medium-powered models, such as the 5800 model.

Basically, in terms of versatility, if there are no special uses and requirements, 5800 models will now be directly recommended.

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