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How to install the knapsack lawn mower and the instruction to use it

Installation method of knapsack lawn mower

  1. Adjust the position of the front handle according to actual use before installation
  1. Install the protective plate and fix it firmly to ensure safety
  1. Install the blade and place the blade in a suitable position on the block
  1. Install the pressure plate
  1. Install the protective cover
  1. Find the correct location
  1. Use a wrench for positioning
  1. Use a sleeve to fix the nut (counterclockwise)
  1. Align the positioning hole of the flexible shaft with the positioning pin, and pull out the positioning pin
  1. Put back the positioning pin, rotate or pull the flexible shaft to ensure complete positioning
  1. Install the flexible shaft positioning groove into the joint
  1. Align the positioning slot of the flexible shaft with the positioning hole of the screw
  1. Screw in the screws and pull the flexible shaft to ensure complete positioning
  1. Install the throttle cable and the circuit flameout cable, and install the throttle cable into the quick-connect positioning slot
  1. Install the throttle cable and install the flameout cable

Precautions for the installation of the backpack mower

Adjust the throttle cable to an appropriate position to ensure correct idle speed and high-speed throttle;

The blade is firmly fixed, check before each use;

After the flexible shaft has been used for a period of time, grease must be added.

Use of knapsack lawn mower

  1. Check whether the flameout wire is connected properly.
  1. When starting in a cold environment, turn the choke lever to the "OFF" position; if the ambient temperature is high or in a warm state, turn the choke handle to the "ON" position (that is, the position during normal use) .
  1. Pump oil: Pump oil to the carburetor until the fuel can be seen flowing out of the oil return pipe.
  1. Gently pull the starter handle until you feel resistance, and then pull it continuously to start the gasoline engine. Notice! Rough pulling of the starter is not allowed, because discontinuous pulling will cause discontinuous ignition of the spark plug and the machine cannot be started.
  1. Turn the choke lever to the "ON" position gradually, and heat the engine until the machine runs smoothly.
  1. Adjust the throttle handle and control the size of the throttle so that the brush cutter can reach the appropriate speed for weeding operations. During operation, be sure not to pull the starter handle, because high-speed rotating parts may damage the starter.
  1. Stop: First turn the throttle handle to the low speed position, and then turn the stop switch to the "OFF" position to stop the machine.

Second, the specific operation method of the knapsack lawn mower

  1. When mowing the grass with the mowing head, ensure that the nylon rope of the mowing head extends 5-10cm outside the mowing head. If it is too long, the service life of the gasoline engine will be affected due to the heavy load, and the grass guard will be damaged. ; If it is too short, it will reduce operating efficiency.
  1. After the nylon rope is worn and shortened, in normal use, as long as the mowing head gently touches the ground, the nylon rope will automatically stretch out. If the length is not enough, you can repeatedly touch it several times until the nylon The rope length is 5-10cm. After the nylon rope is used up, the cutter head can be disassembled, and the new nylon rope can be wound on the rope wheel and installed back.
  1. When cutting grass with a blade, do not extend the entire blade into the grass. For general lawns, extend into 1/2 of the diameter of the blade. For grass with hard stems, extend into 1/3 of the diameter of the blade. Can.
  1. When cutting shrubs with a blade, generally shrubs should be cut along the periphery of the shrubs in the same horizontal plane. When cutting thick shrubs, you should first cut a hole in the direction where the shrub fell. The depth of the cut is 1/3 of the diameter of the shrub. Left and right, then cut off the bush from the other side of the bush. This cutting not only ensures that the blade will not be clamped during the cutting process, but also controls the direction in which the bushes fall

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