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The hazards of using full fueled chainsaw & How can you make chainsaw save gas??

When the chain saw engine is working, each moving part acts on another part with a certain force, and high-speed relative movement occurs. With relative movement, the surface of the part will inevitably produce friction and accelerate wear. Therefore, in order to reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance, and extend service life, a lubrication system must be installed on the engine.

The chainsaw gas pump assembly is a large part of the two-stroke chain saw lubrication system. It supplies oil to the high-speed chain and guide plate to prevent excessive heat generated by friction during work, which causes the chain guide plate to become too hot and reduce work efficiency. It includes oil pump, oil pipe, oil filter, one-way valve and so on.

Chain saw fuel supply system includes fuel tank, filter, fuel pipe, carburetor, etc. The carburetor is the core component of a two-stroke internal combustion engine. It uses the pressure difference generated by the crankcase to pump fuel from the fuel tank into the carburetor, sprays it from the fuel metering hole, and uses the venturi effect to fully atomize the fuel. Adjust the ratio of fuel and air to improve combustion efficiency.

The hazards of a chain saw full of oil

When refueling the chain saw, some people find it troublesome and often fill it up at a time. This is not good for the chain saw itself. The chain saw has a standard for refueling, not the more the better.

After the engine of the chain saw works, the gasoline will expand due to heat and mechanical vibration. If the fuel tank is overfilled, the gasoline will overflow from the fuel tank cap, which wastes fuel and can easily cause fires. So it can only be added to about 90% of the fuel tank volume.

When the oil in the oil pan is added too much, the oil will rush into the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, which not only increases the oil consumption, but also easily causes speed accidents. In addition, too much oil will increase the resistance of connecting rods and crankshafts and increase power loss. Therefore, the oil in the oil pan should be added between the upper and lower engraved lines of the oil dipstick.

The oil in the air filter plate of the chain saw should be added to the engraved position. If it is added too much, the oil will be sucked into the cylinder to participate in the combustion, which will easily cause carbon deposits and cause oil runaway accidents.

The inner cavity of the wheel hub of the chainsaw is large, mainly for heat dissipation. If the wheel hub is filled with grease when the rolling bearing is installed, it will increase the running resistance and will also affect the braking performance due to the heat and the thinning of the grease. Therefore, it is enough to apply some grease on the rolling bearing to maintain "empty hub lubrication".

Filling up the oil with a chain saw will save trouble, but it will be counterproductive. Remember that trouble is often the source of trouble.

The choice of chainsaw fuel and chain oil

  1. How to choose the fuel of the chain saw and chain oil chain saw fuel?

Generally, unleaded gasoline above 90# and special two-stroke engine oil are mixed together.

SAE’10W-30 oil is basically used for chain saw chain oil. If it is divided by season, SAE’10W-40 is used in summer, and SAE’10w-20 is used in winter. It is recommended to use special oil, which can better protect the smooth running of the chain saw, extend the service life of the machine, and reduce the chance of pulling the cylinder.

Gasoline engine mixing ratio of 25:1 must use two-stroke special engine oil.

How does a chain saw save fuel?

  1. A light chain saw (displacement less than 78) is more fuel-efficient than a heavy chain saw (displacement greater than 78).
  2. How to save fuel for the new chainsaw. Choose a good carburetor. Under the same conditions, the oil consumption of the chain saw is too high. Adjust the carburetor or change the carburetor.
  3. How to save oil on old chain saws. Generally, there will be a gasoline filter and an air filter.

Regardless of whether it is for the gas saving of the chainsaw or the oil use, special attention must be paid to not only choosing the correct oil, but also adding an appropriate proportion of the oil according to the requirements, so that the correct operation can work better. If you have any questions about the use of the chain saw.

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