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What can you do to fix when the chain saw engine vibrates too much

We all know that a chain saw is a device that uses a gasoline engine as power. When you get a chain saw, if you encounter a numb hand, shake your hand, or some parts are easily damaged or broken during the operation of the chain saw, then you need to pay attention to it at this time. It is not that the engine is installed on the equipment and the vibration is too large. Abnormal vibration has many hazards. It will make the operator easy to fatigue. Excessive vibration may cause fatigue and fracture of machine parts such as air filters, carburetors, fuel tanks, and engine bases.

General users do not have professional vibration measurement equipment to quantify the vibration value, but we can still judge by the following three methods.

(1) Feeling with hands: touch with your fingers to see if your hands shake;

(2) Listen with ears: listen to the mechanical noise of the entire device, whether there is any abnormal noise;

(3) Look with your eyes: Whether the engine muffler, air filter and other parts have obvious ghosting phenomenon, if some, it means that the vibration is large (you can choose Creep chain saws, lawn mowers of high quality and preferential prices).

If it is found that the engine vibrates very strongly within a certain speed range, you need to pay attention at this time. The engine and the equipment have a resonance phenomenon. When you encounter resonance, you don't need to worry, you can eliminate the resonance according to the following two methods.

1. The shock absorber is broken

High vibration of the chain saw is probably because the shock absorber is broken, and the shock absorber needs to be replaced.

2. Increase the shock absorption device

By adding shock absorbers to cushion the vibration of the engine and equipment. There are spring type, air type and rubber type of shock absorber. Among them, rubber shock absorber is easy to obtain and has cost advantages and is widely accepted. We need to be reminded here that some inferior rubber pads cannot be used to make cushions and install them under the engine, because as time goes by, the inferior rubber pads are easy to age, chip or fall off, causing the fixing screws to loosen when the engine is running. The parts are damaged or dangerous.

3. At the same time, incorrect ignition angle, low idle speed, poor engine combustion, and poor spark plug may cause excessive vibration of the chain saw.

The chain saw should be repaired when there is a small problem, and don't turn a small problem into a big problem without repairing it. I believe everyone knows what to do when the chain saw engine vibrates too much.

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