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What should I do if the chain saw engine only breaks out when it is cold? What should I do if the chainsaw stalls at high temperature?

If any garden tool has been used for a long time, there will be large or small failures. Whether the failure can be eliminated in time is directly related to extending its service life and maintaining good working performance. Take the chain saw as an example. When a chain saw fails, if you don’t understand anything and consult a professional whenever you have a problem, it’s too much trouble. However, if you know some common problems about chain saws, then, For simple faults, you can easily solve them. Below we will introduce to you the phenomenon of only breaking out but not starting when the cold machine of the chain saw is difficult to start and the situation of the chain saw stalling at high temperature. Let’s take a look.

Chain saw cold machine is difficult to start

When the chain saw was started, the engine only made a few bangs, and there was no continuous ignition. Repeated starting, the same is still true. Obviously, this will not be caused by the low compression force of the cylinder or the leakage of the crankcase, nor will it be the spark plug of the ignition system, the damage of the high-voltage wire itself, and the insufficient magnetic force of the magneto. Because of the insufficient compression force, the crankcase leaks, spark plugs, etc. And high-voltage line leakage, permanent magnet demagnetization, insufficient magnetic force, the engine is impossible to explode. If the fault is in the ignition system, if it is an engine with a contact magneto ignition, the fault is mostly from the loosening of the gold contacts, burnt or oil stains and deposits of oxide; it can also be the flywheel half-moon button and the contact rocker arm. Caused by broken spring, loose rocker arm of movable contact, etc. If it is a non-contact magneto, most of the coil connectors are in poor contact.

If the fault occurs in the fuel supply system, it is most likely that there is moisture in the fuel, air in the fuel pipe, and excessive lubricating oil in the mixed fuel or the mixture is too rich, etc., which will cause the ignition of the engine to be discontinuous when the cold engine is started. Because the specific gravity of water is greater than that of fuel, it is deposited at the bottom of the fuel tank. When the engine is started, the fuel in the original carburetor can only be supplied for a moment to burn and burst. After the water in the fuel tank enters the carburetor or the fuel pipe, it is cut off. With the normal supply of fuel, the engine immediately stopped erupting. In addition, too much lubricating oil in the fuel affects the rapid atomization of the fuel, making the mixture difficult to ignite, occasionally igniting, and not continuous. The fuel in the mixture is too rich, even if it can be ignited by a strong spark after entering the cylinder, it will soon be "drown" due to too much oil (that is, the center of the spark plug's center pole insulator and the space between the side poles are all filled with oil) . If there is too much fuel in the mixed gas or too much lubricating oil in the mixed oil, the exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust muffler must be thick black smoke during the explosion.

High temperature flameout of chain saw

The common symptom is sudden death and flameout after working for a period of time, and then it can't be pulled. It takes a while to catch fire. This happens again after working for a period of time, and it is more frequent when the weather is hot. The above is the common situation of chain saw flameout at high temperature. What should we do in this situation? First of all, we have to find out the reasons. The usual reasons and solutions are as follows:

1. Ventilation issues

Mainly because the crankcase and plastic parts are not well ventilated, resulting in poor ventilation of the carburetor parts and causing high-temperature flameout.

Solution: ventilation. For example, add an air deflector at the magnetic flywheel or open the channel between the magnetic flywheel and the carburetor on the crankcase, increase the ventilation, or replace the box cover and air filter cover with better ventilation.

2. Poor exhaust of muffler leads to high temperature

Solution: Clear the muffler or replace the muffler with a larger exhaust hole. (Note: A large number of holes does not necessarily mean faster rows. Double-hole large holes on the market will be better than three-hole small holes).

3. Low temperature resistance of carburetor

Solution: add heat insulation paper pad, ventilate, clean or replace the carburetor.

4. The coil/high voltage package is not resistant to high temperature

Solution: Replace directly.

5. Three parts of cylinder

At least one of the three cylinders, pistons, and piston rings is out of material.

Solution: Replace the chain saw cylinder.

6. Oil seal and negative pressure pipe (balanced air pipe) are not resistant to high temperature

The oil seal and the negative pressure pipe (balanced air pipe) are not resistant to high temperatures, and show air leakage when the temperature is high.

Solution: Replace the oil seal and negative pressure pipe (balanced air pipe) with good quality.

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